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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to the most Popular Questions.

Q1) Which power feed kit fits my Bridgeport® Mill?

Q2) Where can I get my Servo Products equipment repaired?

  • It depends on what product you have.
    For Type 80, 100, 140, 150 and 200 power feeds see
    Power feed repair centers
    Servo Turbo drives are no longer supported. In some cases parts may be available. Please call the Servo factory for information.
    For Drill Presses, see
    Drill press repair centers
    For SV50 and SV54 mills, see you local dealer or call the Servo Factory for assistance.

    For Dynamo power feeds call the Servo factory for information.

Q3) What is the difference between the Type 140 and 150 Power Feed?

  • The difference is in how the motor is controlled.

    The Type 140 is a half-sine wave control that gives better power and durability.  It is the choice of the two types for applications on the knee of the mill.

    The Type 150 is a full-sine wave control that gives better control and dynamic braking. This is best seen in the superior finishes given at slow feed rates.