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Microprocessor Controlled Quill Feed

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Micro-processor Controlled Quill Feed

Micro-Processor Controlled Quill- Retrofit

The Model 708 Microprocessor Controlled Quill Feed is factory installed (or factory retrofitted) on any Servo drill press for peck drilling and reaming cycles, or routine drilling of deep holes. Fully automates hole drilling. All 708 units now feature a built-in battery backup with approximately 35 hours of backup time. This eliminates the need to re-program in the event of a power failure. All previously manufactured 708 units can be upgraded with the battery backup. Please call for information.

  • Program and run all operations from the controller keyboard
  • Programmable dwell, chip clearing height and variable peck depth
  • Peck Steps: 0.001”-1.4” / 0.02mm-35.6mm
  • Hole depth accuracy: +0.001” / 0.02mm
  • Quill Travel: 1.4” / 35.6mm
  • Maximum quill force: 35 Lbs. / 16 Kg
  • Feed rates: 0.01-30 IPM / 0.250750mm/min
  • Battery Backup - retains controller program for approx. 35 hours
  • Optional Extended Battery Backup - approx. 72 hours backup time
  • Optional foot switch (Model 710)


Specifications, Technical Information, and Price List

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