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GSK CNC Controllers

GSK 980MDa1 CNC milling controller

The GSK980MDa1 can control five feeding axis(including C axis),two analog spindles,2ms interpolation in high speed, and 0.1m precision. It supports the macro command which is powerful, convenient and offers flexible programming.

GSK 980MDa1 CNC Milling Controller PLC


 GSK 980MDc CNC milling controller

The GSK98MDc is the launch of a new product based on the GSK980MDa, but with upgraded hardware and software, available in horizontal and vertical configurations

GSK 980MDc CNC Milling Controller PLC


GSK 218Mc-H CNC milling controller

GSK 218Mc-H Milling Controller


980TDc-B CNC lathe controller

GSK 980TDc-B Lathe Controller


GSK 928TEa-B CNC lathe controller

GSK 928TEa-B Lathe Controller